Peru – Home of the Brazil Nut used in The Body Shop’s products!

The Body Shop source Brazil nut oil from the Candela not-for-profit Fair Trade organisation in Peru. Founded in 1989, it provides employment for over 100 women. Candela aims to empower small producers and communities, strengthen organisations and increase their capacity to improve living standards and conserve the biodiversity of the region.

Using Community Food Banks, Co-Ops and Low Income Food Stores.

So shopping day on broke week always sucks. Especially when lately, that’s every week. On occasion I make use of our local discounted food co-op and last time for $45.50 was able to get enough food to feed us for a week. Now before you start playing the shame game, let’s go through what it is all about.

Fluffy Perfect Pancakes/Pikelets at $1.80 a batch!

Originally posted on That Crazy Idea:
Makes about 20 depending on how big or small you like them! Total cost based on Coles Online price using budget brand products totals at a whopping $1.80!!! 280g Self Raising Flour (21c) 60g Sugar (5c) 300g Milk (30c) 3 Eggs ($1.12) 2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Bean Paste (5c)…