(Almost) Free Entertainment – The $5 Girls Night In


Looking for something to do this weekend that won’t break your budget? When was the last time you got together for a good ol’ girls night. At least, one that doesn’t cost you a weeks wage? Here an idea ideas on how to get to have a great night with friends without taking out the credit card…

Host a special ‘pamper’ evening. Take turns in hosting once a month and everyone brings along a plate with some snacks.

Everyone cleans out their closet beforehand and brings along clothes, shoes and jewelry thats they no longer want to swap (whatever is leftover donate to your local women’s shelter).

Everyone can do each other’s hair, make-up, nail polish and so on (this usually ends hilariously once you stop taking it seriously) and of course if you have a friend in the industry that’s a bonus. You might also know a Jamberry consultant who can demonstrate the latest nail trends.

Invite the local Avon, Body Shop, Nutrimetics or Mary Kay lady to come along and give you some beauty tips and let you play with samples of course! Usually they will provide products to trial a facial or makeup.

Each person puts in $5.00 which goes towards a couple of bottles of wine from the local supermarket. If you run your music from YouTube via the TV so it’s free and you have unlimited choices of terrible 80’s music videos.

The end result is you end up getting pampered, feeling beautiful, some “new” clothes and getting an awesome dance work out for just $5.00 and a few supplies from our homes!

Have you done something similar before or have any other suggestions?



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