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Dear Stay-at-Home Mums,

So many nights you might have passed thinking about childcare secrets, or looking for companionship, or wetting your pillow by tears. So many hours you might have passed by unsuccessful attempts of trying to work out why your baby wont sleep or wont stop crying. So many questions you might have had unanswered about caring your child, about taking care of the home, about how the heck you will afford the groceries this week.

If you are reading this while standing at your wit’s end, and tearing out your hair, then you are at the right place. As a mother of two children, I know how tough, isolating, and lonely being a stay-at-home Mum is. You may never physically alone, you all of your time surrounded by people, little mini-you people. But, you feel alone mentally, all the day long; while staying at home and taking care of your children.

I can’t tell you that I know everything, or I have all the answers. But I can assure you that ‘You are not alone’.

Staying at home is not always a choice; with the ridiculously high costs of childcare sometimes it’s just not worth returning to work, some children just don’t thrive in a group-care situation, or your child may have special needs. Or you may just choose to be the stay-at-home Mum. I, myself, am a mother. I understand the importance of the presence of a mother on a child’s life in those early years.

My Mum was at home, and I understand the value of a home-stay mother. It was so tough for my father to support the family alone. But, he undertook all the troubles just to make sure that I and my siblings had Mum at home all the time rather than being raised by strangers. Sometime being a stay-at-home Mum can be grossly undervalued. It is hard. Motherhood is a calling, it’s something that creates a long term impression, value within your child, so that he/she can continue and spread these values on future generation too.

I can’t claim to be a ‘Perfect Mum’. No bloody way! In fact, I am a red-hot mess! My site “That Crazy Idea” is about sharing all types of crazy… the questions, the issues about managing family life.

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