How to host the BEST Facebook or Catalogue Party

1. Invite People PERSONALLY!

Okay, this is a biggy. In today’s cyber world, it is super easy to just jump on the Facebook event and add 4500 of your friends. And then wait. MAYBE ten will accept the invite. MAYBE. Most wont have even seen it, yet alone read it. Its gone into the list of “something something Ill look at it later” and is never seen again. As your consultant, it is my job to give you the tools to host a successful event. I send each host a link to a business card and some verbiage to send to their invitees. So by all means, add all 4500 people to the event. Then click “Message Guests” and “Invited”. This allows you to send an individual message to everyone at once (not an annoying group message). Pimp out the verbiage to sound like you and include the link I have sent you. TRUST ME, it works.

2. Show the catalogue to EVERYONE!

It may shock you, but not everyone is on Facebook. Use the business card I have sent you and email and text it to your friends so that they can check out the catalogue and order. It’s great if they can attend the online event, but it’s not always possible. We all get busy, don’t sweat it. Send an email and/or SMS message to everyone when you get the link. Follow up with them again the day before the party. And just remember, for everyone you think “won’t be interested”… you might be wrong. They might want to grab some Christmas gifts for someone else, have a favourite soap or might secretly LOVE the Body Shop. Don’t assume… they can only say no.

3. Use your CONSULTANT! (That’s ME!)

I am here to help you make the most of your event. Your success is my success. You get FREE products and to have lots of FUN… I get to pay my rent this week. I include every contact method imaginable on my virtual business card. USE IT! If your Mum can’t decide what lipstick is best? ASK ME! If your BFF does’t know which skincare range suits her? ASK ME! If your Grandma’s sister’s niece wants to know what “Morninga” smells like? ASK ME! This is my job, I am here to help make purchasing your products as easy and personal as possible.

Basically, it is my job as your consultant to give you the very best tools to get as much out of your party as possible… but at the end of the day it is up to you to use the tools at hand!

If you are ready to grab yourself some FREE products, let’s book you your own Facebook or catalogue party!

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