Winter Wellness with Joan of Oils

Here are 5 hot tips for the cold months:

Tip 1- Don’t forget to drink, water that is. During the cooler months its easy to forget to carry around your water bottle and keep hydrated but it is just as important to drink between 2-3lts of water each day in winter. Keeping hydrated will help you to feel energized and it also flushes out any excess toxins. I recommend adding some lemon for a refreshing taste and detoxing support. You can buy and squeeze fresh lemons or get some high quality pure lemon essential oil*.

Tip 2- Get a Diffuser. Winter Wellness is important for the whole family and diffusing essential oils to support your immunity and ease the stress on your respiratory system will help everyone in the household. There are lots of places to find diffusers these days and I would recommend the Aroma Blood diffuser as it has intermittent setting that let’s it run over night, especially good for clearing up stuffy noses and the blooms are cold mist safe around the smallest family members.

Tip 3- Add lots of vegies. Now is the time to up the veg intake by making beautiful soups and stews. You can add in lots of nutritious vegetables in your dishes such as pumpkin, sweet potato, squash as well as greens like broccoli, zucchini or spinach. Here is another blog with lots of winter recipes: Our Fave Winter Recipes

Tip 4- Get Moving. Don’t let the cold weather be your excuse, head to the local heated pool, get indoors to the gym, do some yoga, or brave an early morning jog. It will pump up your energy levels and improve your mood on the gloomy days. And you wont be complaining about the cold if you get a nice sweat going!

Tip 5- Keep your skin well. Winter often means dry skin, enjoy a nice warm bath with Epsom salts and make it extra indulgent by adding some frankincense or lavender essential oils to show your skin some love.

*Please note not all essential oils can be used internally see bottle for directions.

Author- Joan Redman

Joan is a Nutrition Coach and Wellness Advocate. She is currently studying to become a Nutritionist, she fits study into her busy life as a mother, wife and business owner.

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