Kit-Nappers Need Not Apply!


PUT DOWN YOUR PITCHFORKS… THIS WAS MEANT IN A FUNNY FRUSTRATED RANT KIND OF WAY!!! We have all been here… as a kit-napper or a recruiter or both… laugh… because you know it’s true 😜


So I know kit-napping is a big thing in the Party Plan world. Pay next to nothing for a crap load of products in the kit annnnnd… we never hear from you again.

Now I am probably going to get slammed for saying this but I know a lot of consultants encourage this, and I have no idea why! I am running a business, I am working hard to support my family. I want people on my team who have goals and are driven to succeed. I don’t want to waste my time training and supporting people who, quite frankly, can’t even be bothered to respond to a Facebook message. Often later on they have the hide to say “oh that company, yeah I tried that and it didn’t work”. No, just no, the company works. You, my love, did not.

Before you stop reading and think “OMG is she for real?” stay with me a minute. This isn’t entirely your fault. In the scramble to recruit for all the amazing incentives most companies offer, people are aiming for quantity, not quality. The industry has become so focused on how many you have in your team instead of looking after their team and making sure they succeed.

You only have to look at any networking page or buy/swap/sell group to see it. The constant spamming, the copy and paste posts from the same company over and over. People are starting to gloss over ignore these, that’s if don’t get angry and start blocking and un-following. It’s not good for our business, nor is it good for the whole industry. Do some social media training, find out what people actually want from your business and be the person who offers it. BE DIFFERENT. BE YOU!

People have lost focus on what is most important in this business. Providing wonderful products with exceptional service. YOU need to be the reason they buy from your company instead of the local supermarket. If you build a team from there then that is fantastic and you will gain from doing that. But how can someone recruit without having mastered the business themselves. It’s not really great modelling of success.

I value my time. When I enrol a new consultant into my team, I have an induction I like to go through. I want to know their why! I want to know what skills they can convert into their business and what additional training I can source for them, both company related and by external training. I treat my team the same way I would treat employees in the office. I genuinely want to see them succeed. Nothing is better than seeing one of my consultants taking that family trip they have been saving hard for with the income they make from the business. Or another fellow stay at home Mum being able to do just that because they work hard at what they do at home.

I do understand though, I know a lot of Consultants in the industry, from the same company as me and from other companies who LOVE a kit-napper. But I am not one of them. I value my time and really want to put my efforts into people who actually want to change their lives with the business.

If that IS you then by all means, I would LOVE to speak to you. Honestly, I am a very nice person despite this post probably coming across otherwise… I just like to tell it how it is. If that is the kind of up-line you are looking for then hit me up for a chat!

If you ARE a kit-napper, that’s okay. I’m still happy to help you out. Just be up-front and tell me from the start so I don’t waste my time setting you up for success that you don’t want.

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