Book Review: Life Changing Food by Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking)

Life-Changing Food

So I eyed off this book for MONTHS… I don’t usually go buying a lot of cookbooks. There are so many recipes available online why would you? But this book, this book is special.

When it arrived on my doorstep and I carefully unwrapped it. Just the feel of the cover alone had me in awe. The images throughout and the stories shared by Jo and Fouad make it a cross between a recipe book and a gorgeous coffee table book. It currently sits on my dining table and people always pick it up and flick through it.

It is one of those books that it both inspiring and makes you feel like “Hey! I could actually make this myself”. There are many cookbooks, that while beautiful, leave you feeling pretty mundane by comparison. This isn’t one of them.

Having so many allergies and food intolerances in our home, it can be hard to find yummy flexible recipes that everyone loves. I have been following Jo since her first book Quirky Cooking and absolutely adore her passion to these problems with food which are becoming more and more common in households. The way she has turned the humble family favourite Cottage Pie into a paleo delight is just incredible.

The recipes include both the thermomix instructions as well as standard cooking an suits both beginners to experienced cooks. If you haven’t yet got yourself a copy it is well worth grabbing one. I think it is a book every parent should have on their kitchen bench.Life-Changing Food

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