Say goodbye to grumpy, dull, fatigued looking skin and make way for a healthy-looking glow and a boost of moisture with our NEW Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. Made with Amazonian camu camu berry, which contains up to sixty times the Vitamin C concentration of an orange. The best way to kick start your day!

This gel cream moisturiser helps:

  • Boost glow: Skin is clarified, revealing your natural healthy-looking glow
  • Energise: Fresh, lightweight formula fights signs of fatigue, with an invigorating fragrance
  • Hydrate: Infuses skin with juicy moisture

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar was the fresh citrus scent. Not in an overpowering way but just really fresh and yummy.

After trialling for several weeks I can say with confidence that I absolutely love this product. It does wonders for your skin!

To support this fresh, gel formulation we include a range of great moisturising ingredients – Glycerin, Sesame oil and Aloe. For the brightening effect we included a stable derivative of Vitamin C and our Camu Camu berry extract. Camu camu it is a berry from Amazonian rainforest, which is known as one of the most potent natural sources of vitamin C in the world. Each berry is traditionally harvested on canoes during the rainy season and packs a punch with up to 60 TIMES THE VITAMIN C POWER of an orange!

After the first use I could see a massive improvement in my skin. It just looked so healthy with a natural glow, it also really helps to hydrate and even your skin tone which my skin badly needed as it has really suffered from the last few months of my pregnancy.

The creams colour and texture reminds me of orange gelatto and as I said it smells beautiful. It’s certainly not a heavy cream but more of a gel-cream. I find when using this product that a little goes a long way and your skin absorbs it fast without leaving sticky or oily residue.

It does tingle a tiny bit and feels really cool on your skin, really makes you feel refreshed and awake. It sounds weird but I actually look forward to using it every morning. Sometimes I am a bit naughty and put it on again through the day.

I am obsessed with this product would definitely recommend it to anyone! Great for all skin types too which is good news!

Being quite concentrated it lasts for ages and is great value at $35 (even better value if you are a consultant at $26.95).

Are you keen to give it a try? Have you tried it? What did you think?

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