What To Pack In Your Hospital Birthing Bag…

This list is as per the John Hunter Hospital’s requirements as at August 2017. This is subject to change so always make sure you check with your chosen facility when packing for your baby’s birth. However, this list should give you a pretty good starting point. 

What to bring to the hospital when you are having your baby. 

For Mum:

  • Antenatal record.
  • Maternity pads.
  • Comfortable clothing for birthing such as a cotton nightie, long shirt or a sarong.
  • Optional comforts such as barley sugars, massage oils, glucose drinks, music.
  • Camera with spare batteries or if using your phone make sure you pack the spare charger.
  • Nursing bras and breast pads (disposable or cloth, not plastic).
  • Toiletries, tissues etc. I really appreciated a nice soft scented shower gel as the hospital “soap” is more of a detergent. Nothing overpowering but pick up some samples size bottles of fancy shower gels and spoil yourself because after birth you absolutely deserve it.
  • Cotton underpants… the big comfortable ones that are firm fitting but comfortable when a thick maternity pad is added. Trust me, hipster briefs will not hold up to the challenge.
  • Comfortable day clothes for after. Enough for a couple of days as you may or may not have to stay a night (or three). Remember that you will still have a tummy and anything fitted around the waist may not be too comfortable. Tracksuit pants and t-shirts are great.
  • Pyjamas, nightgown, dressing gown and slippers. You may not use them, but it is better to have and not use than to not have and want them.
  • Change for a public phone. This might sounds silly in the mobile age but you can guarantee that your phone will fail when you need it most. Plus reception is notoriously patchy in the John Hunter building. Worst case scenario you can donate it to the chocolate vending machine on your way out.
  • Writing pad and pen. Again, you would more than likely use your phone but sometimes its handy to jot down notes as you think of them (such as reminders for Hubby).
  • Speaking of Hubby, pack a change of clothes for him or your support person. You never know how long birthing will take or if they have to help you in and out the shower. You may not need them but if you do they will definitely be appreciated at the time.
  • Music on your iPod or MP3 player. Again, this is probably on your phone. I also had my iPad which I used to play Candy Crush during the long wait.

For Bub:

  • At least 3 singlets.
  • At least 3 sets of clothing.
  • At least three bunny rugs or baby wraps. Consider the weather when choosing these. I personally had a brushed cotton one in case it was cold, a fine muslin on incase it was warm and an “in-betweener” because you just can’t pick the weather (or what the airconditioner is doing).
  • At least 3 bibs.
  • A couple of large face washers for baby bathing.
  • Your choice of bath solution or soap.
  • One packet of cotton buds for bub’s cord care.
  • Your choice of baby lotion and wipes.
  • If you are formula feeding your baby, bring a tin of your chosen formula. Sterile bottles will be provided for your stay (unless you are at Belmont Midwifery Practice).

I purchased a lot of my baby and personal supplies from Biome Eco Stores. They supply zero waste, toxin free and ethically produced products that are great for baby, and the environment. Their service is second to none and I highly recommend you check them out.

Please Note: 

  • Disposable nappies are provided for your stay but it never hurts to have a couple packed just in case. Pampers Nappies are fantastic quality and value.
  • Baby powder is not recommended.
  • Clearly label all of your baby’s clothes and linen. Blue Hippo is a great online store to pick up some cute labels.


What did you wish you had had packed in your bag when you went for your hospital stay with baby?

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