Why is my 2 year old is awake at midnight?

I’m sure all of you Mums can relate!!!
10:30pm – He woke up in a panic that he needed to shut the front door. It was already shut.

10:45pm – He was so very hungry and desperately needed to eat a raw potato.

11:00pm – After a long and emotional debate, he settles on eating a banana instead of a potato.

11:15pm – All hell breaks loose because “Dad” dropped his banana in the sink full of dishwater. Whichmis weird because I’m dead sure Dad is still asleep, in bed, like a normal person.

11:30pm – He is unable to get comfortable no matter how much he tosses and turns. Perhaps he would have better luck if he tried sleeping somewhere other than a storage tub full of duplo blocks. But my suggestion is passed of as rediculous. What would I know…

11:45pm – After finally admitting defeat on the idea of sleeping in the Lego tub, climbs up on the lounge and assumes what appears to be a position promising of sleep.

12:00am – Is very very thirsty and needs a drink of “cow” or maybe milk. But in a cup, no not that cup, the other cup… that’s exactly the same as this cup.

12:15am – Actually sits still.

12:30am – Is hungry again. Wants peanut butter on toast… but only the crusts. Mum eats the rest of the toast.

12:45am – Has the sudden urge to sing “If your happy and you know it”… loudly.

01:00am – Desperately needs to brush teeth… for 15 minutes.

01:15am – Wooo careful, the eyelids are drooping..

01:30am – Just kidding! Let’s play Lego!

01:45am – Comes up with a brilliant idea… let’s wake up Dad so he can play Lego with us! He would love it.

02:00am – Fall asleep in heap on kitchen floor after epic tantrum because Mum is nasty and doesn’t want to invite Dad to play Lego with us just because he has to go to work in a few hours… hours that could have been better spent playing Lego rather than sleeping!

02:15am – After contemplating the moral dilema of letting my two year old sleep on the kitchen floor, I decided to move him to the couch. In much the same technique I imagine would be used in the relocation of a montion sensored explosive.

Lucky he’s cute! 😍😍😍

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